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I'm often asked why are we called The School of Gem-cutting Art? We are not a public institution, are we?

This concept has the dual meaning for us. The School as a private educational institution, but above all, the School as a course, a direction of our creative work and as our own distinctive style of making jewelry of "high jeweller's art".

During ten years of our company's existence we repeatedly took part and won in many international jeweller's contests. The worldwide known museums and famous collectors buy our works, but I consider our main success is that the circle of our customers began to spread thanks to the people of "more than moderate means". It seems to me that the time of "The New Russians" who brag about theirs jewelry with the weight of the piece as the main assessment criterion is passing. People start to gain an understanding of what is "good", why it is "good" and how much could this "good" cost about.

I call to mind some incident occurred at the one of exhibitions which was held in St.-Petersburg. An old woman came up to me and told that with her very modest income she could buy on her last savings our jewel for round one million rubles (before denomination). It's astonishing! She considered that it was possible to part with enormous sum.

We use the eternal material in our works. These are semi-precious gems, precious metals and faceting. Our famous bouquets will never fade, never change color, and I dare to say, they will please one with their beauty perpetually. They can be broken only with intent, but whom this will come in mind?

General Manager V. Kononov


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