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Welcome! These pages are dedicated to one of the most unique and rare sort of the jewellery art, namely to the gem cutting art.

They speak for themselves, these pieces: They are famous bouquets, graceful caskets, amusing statuettes and exquisite seals, watches, decorations, jewelry. The words are losing significance when looking at the pieces, feeling this beauty, when the heart is sinking of admiration and delight. The real beauty does not need for any comments. Only afterwards some questions arise. How this is made? Who could contrive this? What this is made from?

Probably, the only disadvantage of these works is their cost. But it is undoubtedly the rightful reflection of much effort devoted to all these pieces. These are the fantasy of the artist who has contrived the piece, the filigree precision and the professionalism of the master who have made the piece. These are the materials, provided by the nature itself: precious and semiprecious gems, precious metals. But those who purchase these works do not care about the cost. What do you think?

The originator of our school is the outstanding jeweller, remarkable businessman, the purveyor to His Emperor's Majesty Court, Carl Faberge':

Carl Faberge':
"I don't care about an expensive piece, if the only its value is in amount of pearls and diamonds placed on it".

А pressman:
"Who buys all these pieces (gem flowers)? It is the waste money, isn't it?"

Carl Faberge':
"There are a lot of people who are too tired of diamonds and pearls. Moreover, sometimes it's improperly to present someone a jewelry, and this thing suits...".

The interview with St.-Petersburg jeweller Charles Faberge, "Stolitsa and Usad'ba" (The Capital & Manor) magazine, Saint-Petersburg, #2, 1914).


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