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How this is made

Just a few words about how we do it.

The idea.
During 10 years of our company's existence, we came to conclusion that the Idea is fundamental for making any piece of jewelry. Usually the idea is ours, but sometimes our customers have apt ideas. In view of our mastery we can state without any false modesty: We can do everything! Provided there is time and money: And the Idea!

Making a plasticine or special plastic full-scale model.

Gem selection.
It is not simple at all. It's necessary to consider gem's "monolith ness", its color, price, and a lot of other characteristics. Sometimes you have to select a ton of nephrite or agate by hand, and all for a 2-3 kilos a piece, that may get only 200-500 grams after the selection.

Tool's preparation.
The gems are cut by hand only. We have got special carving machines, designed and build in our company with our own drafts. These machines are equipped with solid sintered diamond tools. These tools are made by master himself especially for a each new work. These diamond tools are different in ength, thickness, etc. More than 100 drills (burs, points and discs) can be used for some works.

Jewel cutting as it is. The cutting is carried out in accordance with pre-made model. Grinding, polish and texture are accomplished. This stage is most time consuming. The gems do not suffer any hurry, carelessness, and overheating.

Cut out gem details are delivered to the jeweller's workbench. The jeweller, under the author's supervising "decorates" the future peace of jewel with metal and precious stones. And what a jewelry work is many of us know well.

Mount the whole jewel from the large amount of parts. This is what the author does.

Here is the basic workshop chain. There are not many links in it, but a jewel could be implemented more than a year and a half sometimes. To tell the truth, the resulting works are eternal, too. The gems and precious metals suffer neither from corrosion nor from deterioration and can please people for hundreds of years, don't they?


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